What constitutes and idea?

Complete the sentence “My idea is to …” Boom! That’s an idea.

Does your idea have to be well researched? No.
Does your idea have to be unique? No.
Does your idea have to be well-thought out from every angle? No.

The Ideas World Cup is looking for QUANTITY over QUALITY. That’s a basic requirement of creative problem-solving. You can read more about divergent thinking here.

What happens with all these ideas after the Ideas World Cup?

As mentioned above, the Ideas World Cup (IWC) is all about divergent thinking – coming up with as many possible solutions to a problem as possible. In the days after IWC, a group of volunteers will begin with the convergent part of the process. That means that we will sift through the ideas and group them according to theme or other similarities. There are multiple steps in this process, but the end result will be a stack of amazing ideas that we can share with stakeholders like the City of Cape Town, Western Cape Government and other civic and community organisations who can put them into action.

Will I be credited for my idea?

The intention of the Ideas World Cup is to bring a community of people together to freely exchange ideas with the aim of changing the world for the better. We ask participants to share their ideas without expectation of credit or any other kind of ‘return’. If you have a great idea that you would like to share that you think should be trade mark or patent protected, feel free to email us at shelley@ideasworldcup.co.za.